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If you lost it all

If you lost it all is a collection of thoughts on the current economic and political situation. This is version 2, the original was written several months ago. It was inspired by some photos from the Great Depression of people moving from place to place with little but the clothes on their back. The article was written to provide a few ideas on how to avoid having nothing but the clothes on your back if worst comes to worst and you are forced into a nomadic existance. It can also be used to hand out to people in hopes that it will make them think and start preparing for the worst.

Download If you lost it all in PDF format here.

Revolution Series

We all know there is something in the air. We've heard many average people talk about needing a Revolution. Read Politicus' thoughts on this Revolution currently brewing in America.

Lexington Green

The Original Revolution Series (2009):
Thoughts on a new Revolution
Military Generals
Why we must fight
Do you know where your family is?
War has been declared
The Thin Blue Line
The Numbers Game
Why The Hard Line?

Militia Kit List

This kit list is what Politicus carries on his MOLLE vest and in his MOLLE ruck. Complete with pictures and some of his thoughts on why he carries what he carries.

Militia Kit List

Other Militia Gear and Information

Lists of other gear as well as information on a number of militia topics.

Medical Kits
Gear Suppliers I Use and Recommend
Long Term Storage Food and Heirloom Seeds
Staying Healthy

June 26, 2008 - DC v Heller - 2nd Amendment and Militia

The DC v Heller case touched on two items based upon my reading. The first was the 2nd Amendment. The second seems to be a stealth endorsement of the militia. It is my opinion that Scalia wanted to resolve the issue of the 2nd Amendment as an individual right before a Democratic President to make any future gun restrictions more difficult. It also seems that he wrote in some very strong pro militia language. Whatever Scalia's reasoning there were two pro-united States opinions in one case. Those people who are looking only for pro firearms language will overlook the pro militia language. This is just my thought based upon my reading of what Scalia said, only Scalia can tell us what his reasoning was for the language he chose.

I have tried to pull out and quote the language that I feel is most important in both the 2nd Amendment language and the pro militia language of Scalia's ruling and opinion.

Click on 2nd Amendment to go to my thoughts on the 2nd Amendment ruling.
Click on Militia to go to my thoughts on the Militia aspect of the ruling.

The Militia - well put words

I am the foundation of a free society...

I have been a tradition since ancient times...

My stands at Lexington and Concord gave birth to this nation...

I am recognized in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; according to the authors of these documents, I am composed of the whole body of the people...

... I am the militia

I have the right and the duty to be armed, ready to defend my home, my community, and my nation...

I am prepared to take care of myself and my family in event of a disaster...

I am prepared to help my neighbors in times of hardship and emergency...

I am a good citizen, a good neighbor, and an asset to my community...

I have undertaken all these things as lifetime obligations. My responsibility is inescapable, and my duty is unquestionable...

I believe that as long as there are free men and women, there will be a militia, and as long as there is a militia, there will be free men and women...

I am proud to call myself a militiaman.

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