Politicitis is closed & Politicus Maximus has been retired.

Back in 2005 a few friends were having a debate about President George W. Bush, VP Dick Cheney and politics in general. It was a friendly debate, and although there was complaining on some sides and about some things the debate was friendly. One of the friends decided that a website with message forums dedicated to politics may just become popular and maybe even make a few bucks.

That was the initial idea for Politicitis Politcal Roasting. From there it was fleshed out, a color scheme was chosen, the Romanesque columns and stone graphics were created and ultimately the site's main protagonist, Politicus Maximus, was born. Politicus Maximus, or just plain Politicus, was a characted created by several people initially, along with several other characters - each of the friends would have at least one character they would initially use on the message forums to start conversations, create initial debates and feuds, and prime the pump. It was decided that Politicus would be a hard core constituionalist, and so he was at the start. Each character created had some minor aspects of his main creator/"actor" incorporated... it's easier to play a role if you can identify with it in some way.

News articles were posted with commentary by the different characters, usually Politicus. At times his commentaries could be lengthy and involved considerable research since "his" viewpoint was from a strictly consitutionalist point of view, this often entailed looking up quotes from the Founding Fathers or court cases. His lengthy commentaries were often a joint effort between two or more of the friends, sometimes they were written entirely by one of the "actors" other than his primary "actor". The message forums had on again off again periods of good activity and active member counts rose and fell. It never really took off and certainly didn't make any money.

Eventually Politicus (and his creator) made some good friends in different places around the Internet and talked to a lot of people - some famous, some infamous, some very smart, some not so smart and lots of average every day people. Politicus grew and changed over the years - but he was always political, outspoken and individual freedom based (he was called a Libertarian, Minarchist, Anarchist, etc at times). His creator learned a lot doing research, talking to people, debating and this influenced the views of Politicus, but a fictional character is still a fictional character.

As this is being written Donald J. Trump is about to be sworn in as President. Here's to hoping that he will end up being a good President and Politicus can remain retired... but if needed he can be brought back from retirement to rable rouse and call it as he sees it.

Politicitis will remain, at least for a while, in it's current diminished state as there are some who have sentimental attachment to it for a number of reasons... such as those friends who have influenced Politicus / his creator (and Politicitis) who are no longer with us. This is for you Scott, Ken & Al.

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